Now we service all types of automatic transmissions, including European and other makes !!!

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  Welcome at TubolyTech!  

The 2021 season did not pass uneventfull either for us...Peter Revhelyi set the new Hungarianm record  with a 6.5s ET...the fastest anything on wheels in Hungary ever !  Powered by a Tuboly Tech engine. 




 Tuboly Tech Hungarian Top Doorslammer Champions of 2020  !



 Automatic Transmission Service

 We service, rebuild, modify all types of transmissions ever installed in US market automobiles, trucks, motorhomes etc.  All work we do is performed with the same care and precision  whether its a transmission from a classic for which even documentatiuon no longert exists, or  the most common trucks and SUV-s or even the transmissions  living behind fire breathing race engines exceeding 2000 horepower...we do them all, and we do them with a warranty. 


+36 30 267 2935    +36 20 944 2667







EMAIL:  info@tubolytech.hu

Tel:  +36 20 944 2667  /  +36 30 267 2935

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  Welcome to the TubolyTech website !  Although the site is fairly recent, our name has been well known within the hungarian US car community for many years now.  It all began as a hobby around 15 years ago, and progressed to this full time business.

  Our team, founded by the Tuboly brothers, has serviced, rebuilt, modified and supplied parts to overseas cars, primarily north american automobiles  for over a decade now. With a lot of work and dedication to quality service, we can now proudly say that not only do most of the fastest and most powerful us cars come from our shop, and the majority of high performance cars in the country have something from TubolyTech in them, but now we are able to  most everything related to cars under one roof, be it a simple brake job of upholstery work, body work, chassis work or our custom built transmission capable of handling extreme amounts of power and the engines to provide that power. We offer a number of services that are not available anywhere else in Central-Eastern Europe, such as digital balancing of V6 or V8 rotating assemblies using equpment imported from the USA.  Our precision machine work service is also worth mentioning, wich we provides the foundation of any project, and is used by  many of the country's top racers.

   We have recived an increasing number of calls from owners of non US automatic transmission equipped cars. In response to these calls, we have gradually expanded our services to include European and other ( Japanese , Korean) makes of transmissions, and now we can help with virtually all types of transmission issues with most makes. 

  Recently we moved into our present shop, a 1400m2 facility near the M1 highway, near  the city of Győr. We hope to roll out many more fast cars from here that will add to our reputation throughout Europe.

  We invite the visitors to browse around the site and check out what we do. The site will be frequently updated with new pictures, tech , projects and other neat stuff, so come back often.

  The images on the site are our own work, taken in the shop...sometimes it shows that they are not exactly professional quality, but please excuse us, we are mechanics, not photographers. Vigyor

  Gentlemen, start Your engines !












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